Chapter 24   Italian Prepositions part 1

a = at, in, on, to; used with verbs of motion, teaching, or learning; required when an action is directed to a person; used with expressions of time
            contracted with articles as follows
            a + il = al         a + i = ai          a + lo = allo     a + gli = agli
            a + la = alla      a + le = alle      a + l' = all'
1 (place or position) at, in, on
            essere a ~                                                         to be at ~
            sedere a ~                                                        to sit at ~
            ai piedi del mọnte                                           at the foot of the mountain
            nato a Milano                                                  born in Milan
            abitare al secọndo piano                                  to live on the second floor
            L'aereo atterrò a Rọma                                    The plane landed at Rome
            restare a letto                                                   to stay in bed
2 (motion) to
            andare alla staziọne                                         to go to the station
            andare a casa                                                   to go home
            Ho spedito la merce a Lọndra                         I sent the goods to London
            Vadi a letto!                                                    Go to bed!
3 (action toward a person) to
            Dallo a me                                                       Give it to me
            Regalerò un orolọgio a Pạolo                          I'll give Paul a watch
            Dissi a lei                                                         I talked to her
            Lo presentai a Lidia                                        I introduced him to Lidia
4 (time) at; in
            a Natale                                                           at Christmas
            alle dieci                                                          at ten
            all'alba                                                             at dawn
            a mezzanotte                                                   at midnight
            a pomeriggio inoltrato                                     late in the afternoon
            a diciotto anni                                                 at eighteen
5 (way or style) by, at, in
            a uno a uno                                                      one by one, one at a time
            a dozzine                                                         by the dozen
            a intervalli di cinque secọndi                          at intervals of five seconds
            a mie spẹse                                                      at my own expense
            all'italiana                                                        in the Italian fashion, style
            a memoria                                                        by heart
            scritto a mano                                                  written by hand, handwritten
            a tuo rischio                                                     at your own risk
with verbs of motion, teaching, or learning
            Andiamo a vedẹre!                                         Let's go see!
            imparare a nuotare                                           to learn to swim

the English equivalent of the contraction al + an infinitive verb is upon or on.
             Al vedẹrlo, lo salutai                                      Upon seeing (or on seeing) him, I greeted him.


accanto a = beside, by, close to, near, next to:
            Accanto al tạvolo                                            beside (or by, next to) the table
            L'uomo accanto a mẹ                                      the man next to (or beside) me
            Stia accanto a mẹ                                            Keep close to me.

accosto a = close to, near, next to [a synonym for accanto a, but used less frequently]

appiè di = at the foot of
            appiè di pạgina                                                at the foot of the page.

attorno a = about, around
1 (location) around, round, about
            girare attorno al tạvolo                                    to go round the table
            girare attorno a un argomẹnto                         to beat about the bush
            sedere attorno al tạvolo                                   to sit around the table
2 (estimate) around, about
            attorno alle trè                                                 around three o'clock

attraverso = across, through
1 (location) across, through
            C'è un albero attraverso la strada                    There is a tree fallen across the street
            Veniva attraverso il campo                             He was coming across the field
            Siamo venuti attraverso il bosco                     We came through the wood
            guardare attraverso una lente                          to look through a lens
            passare attraverso una città                             to pass through a town
2 (time) across, over
            attraverso i sẹcoli                                            over the centuries
            attraverso gli anni                                            through the years
3 (by way of) through (in the sense of means)
            attraverso lunghe ricerche                               through lengthy research

avanti = ahead of
1 (location) ahead of
            avanti a tutti                                                    ahead of everybody
            passare avanti                                                  to overtake someone or something
2 (time) before
            avanti Cristo                                                    before Christ
            avanti giọrno                                                   before dawn
            avant'ieri                                                          the day before yesterday
            avanti tempo                                                   ahead of time, prematurely

circa = about, approximately, around, or so, roughly, thereabouts:
1 (approximately)
             Il viaggio durerà tre giọrni circa                     The journey will last about three days
            un uomo di circa sessant'anni                          a man of about sixty
            circa duemila spettatọri                                   approximately two thousand spectators
            alle trè circa                                                     three o'clock or so


2 (in reference to) about, as to, with regard to
             Devo parlarti circa il viaggio                          I must talk to you about the trip
            circa la vostra richiesta                                    with regard to your request

cọn = with (in all senses)
            contracted with articles as follows
            cọn + il = cọl               cọn + i = cọi                cọn + lo = cọllo           cọn + gli = cọgli
            cọn + la = cọlla            cọn + le = cọlle            cọn + l' = cọll'
1 (accompanying) to, towards, with
            Lo vidi cọn lei                                                 I saw him with you
            Ho passato la serata cọn amici                        I passed the night with friends
            Parlai cọn loro                                                 I spoke with them
            tenersi in contatto cọn                                     to keep in touch with
            L'olio non si mẹscola cọn l'acqua                    Oil will not mix with water
            confrontare l'originale cọn la copia                 to compare the original with the copy
            caffẹ cọn panna                                               coffee with cream
2 (against) with
            litigare cọn                                                      to quarrel with
            ẹssere in guerra cọn                                         to be at war with
3 (means) by, by means of , with
            Vediamo cọn gli occhi                                    We see with our eyes
            tagliare cọn il coltello                                      to cut with a knife
            Feci cọn le mie mani                                       I did it with my own hands
            assicurato cọn una catẹna                                fastened with a chain
            arrivare cọl treno                                             to arrive by train
            cọn l'aiuto di Dio                                            with God's help
4 (material) from; out of
            Il vino si fa cọn l'uva                                       wine is made from grapes
5 (manner) in, with
            fare cọn facilità                                               to do with ease
            procedere cọn cautela                                     to proceed with caution
            cọn tutto il cuore                                             with all one's heart
            cọn sforzo                                                       with effort
6 (characteristic, possession) with
            a letto cọn la febbre                                        in bed with a fever, temperature
            un uomo cọn i capelli bianchi              a man with white hair
            cọn l'arrivo dell'inverno                                   with the coming of winter
            Hai denaro cọn te?                                          Have you any money with you?
            Come va cọl italiano?                                      How's your Italian coming along?
            Come va cọn quel braccio?                             How's it going with your arm?
            Sono indietro cọl lavọro                                  I'm behind with my work

cọntro = against; when it is used with a personal pronoun, contro is always followed by di
1 (in opposition, contrast) against, contrary to, counter to, in opposition to
            cọntro la mia volontà                                      against my will
            cọntro la legge                                                 against the law
            un'idea cọntro ragiọne                                     an idea contrary to reason
            votare cọntro una moziọne                              to vote against a motion
            la mia parola cọntro la tua                               my word against yours
2 (location) against; into
            il tạvolo cọntro il muro                                    the table against the wall
            Ho picchiato la testa cọntro lo scaffale           I knocked my head against the shelf
also used to mean
            cọntro assegno                                                            cash on delivery
            cọntro pagamẹnto                                           on payment
            pagamẹnto cọntro documẹnti                         payment against documents.


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