A guide to the structure and use of the


Italian Language


A text written by


Joseph Martin Carro

ISBN 978-1-389-51663-2

version V December 2019©



Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Pronunciation


                        The Italian Alphabet

                                    Pronunciation of the alphabet

                        Letter combinations



Chapter 2 – Nouns and Gender


                        Singular and Plural forms

Chapter 3 – Modifiers

                        All about the –ly forms

                        Taking descriptions to a higher level

Chapter 4 – All about the

                       A guide to the contractions of articles and prepositions

                        How about a?

Chapter 5 – Pronouns

                        The Subject Pronouns

                        The Stress Pronouns

                        The Object Pronouns

                        The Indirect Pronouns

                        Using Pronouns Together

                        I did it myself

Chapter 6 – Expressing Possession

Chapter 7 – A guide to Italian verbs

                       The “to” form of a verb

Chapter 8 – The Imperfect Past Tense

Chapter 9 – The “ing” form of verbs

Chapter 10 – The Future Tense

Chapter 11 – The Conditional Tense

Chapter 12 – The Present Tense

Chapter 13 – The Simple Past Tense

Chapter 14 – Expressing Uncertainty; Giving Orders

                        Expressing uncertainty

                        Giving orders

Chapter 15 – Speculating about things

Chapter 16 – The Formation of Compound Verbs

Chapter 17 – Past forms of the verbs

Chapter 18 – Myself, Yourself, and so on

Chapter 19 – Active or Passive?

Chapter 20 – Speaking indirectly

Chapter 21 – Getting to Know You

Chapter 22 – The Small Words

                        The Word too

                        The Word yet

                        And – Or?

                        The Italian Word già

                        The Italian Word ne

                        The Italian Word ci

Chapter 23 – Who, What, This, That

Chapter 24 – Italian Prepositions

24-1 a to contro    24-2 da to difronte    24-3 dopo to oltre    24-4 per to sopra    24-5 sotto to vicino


            A.   The structure of the Italian verb system

            B.   Pronunciation of verbs in group 1 (-are)

            C.   The Pronouns

            D.   Words which end in -ìo

            E.   Word pronunciation patterns

            F.   Some Proverbs

            G.   The numbers

            H.   Past participles of verbs ending in –ere and –rre

            I.    Table of useful information

            J.    Italian Conjunctions


Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24-1 24-2 24-3 24-4 24-5

Appendix A B C D E F G H I J

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