Chapter 24 part 3

dọpo = after, afterward, afterwards, later; when it is used with a personal pronoun, dọpo is always followed by di
1 (time) after, afterwards, afterward, later, later on, then, next
            l'anno dọpo                                                     the year after, the following year
            un anno dọpo                                                  a year later
            il giọrno dọpo                                                  the day after, on the following or next day
            nẹ prima nẹ dọpo                                            neither before nor after
            subito dọpo                                                     straight after
            molto dọpo                                                      a long time after, long afterwards
            poco dọpo                                                       a short time later, shortly after
            A dọpo!                                                           See you later!
            Lascialo per dọpo                                            Leave it till later
            Me ne accorsi dọpo                                         I found out afterwards
            Successe alcuni giorni dọpo                            It happened a few days later

durante = during (in all senses)
            durante il concerto                                          during the concert
            durante l'estate                                                            during the summer
            durante il viaggio                                            during the journey
            durante tutta la notte                                      all through the night
            durante tutto il seicento                                  throughout the 17th century.

entro = by, within (in the sense of not later than)
            entro l'anno                                                     within the year
            entro domani                                                   by tomorrow
            entro questa settimana                                                within this week
fino, fino a = till, until, up to (in all senses)
1 (time) until; till; up to
            fino a venerdì                                                  up to, till, or until Friday
            fino a oggi                                                       up until today, up until now, to date
            fino a ieri                                                         until yesterday
            fino a questo momẹnto                                   until this moment
            fino all'ụltimo                                                  up to or until the end
            Fino a quando?                                               Until when?
2 (distance) as far as, down to, up to
            fino a Palermo                                                 as far as Palermo
            fin là                                                                up to there
            fino a pạgina 34                                              up to page 34
            costare fino a ~                                               to cost as much as ~
            fino all'ụltimo centęsimo                                 down to the last penny

frammezzo  = in between, in the middle.
            framezzo le due case                                       in between the two houses

in = in (in all senses), into, to
            contracted with articles as follows
            in + il = nel                  in + i = nei                   in + lo = nello              in + gli = negli
            in + la = nella              in + le = nelle              in + l' = nell'
1 (to be in a place or state) at, in, inside
in una scatola                                                  in a box
ẹssere in città                                                   to be in town
in bagno                                                          in the bathroom
nella chiesa                                                      in the church
in pena                                                             in pain
ẹssere nei guai                                                 to be in trouble
in fretta                                                           in a hurry
in breve                                                           in short
in confidenza                                                  in confidence
in segreto                                                         in secret
2 (toward a place) to
andare in Italia                                                            to go to Italy
tornare in Sicilia                                              to go back to Sicily
di giọrno in giọrno                                          from day to day, day by day
di male in peggio                                             from bad to worse
3 (to go into) into; in; on
Entrai nel negozio                                           I went into the shop
Lo misi nella scatola                                        I put it into the box
salire in treno                                                   to leave on a train
entrare in relazioni di affari                             to enter into a business relation
in tutto il mondo                                             in all the world, everywhere
in bicicletta                                                      on a bicycle
4. (time) in, at, on
in maggio                                                        in May
nel 1981                                                          in 1981
nel ventẹsimo sẹcolo                                       in the 20th century
in quel giọrno                                                  on that day
in quel momẹnto                                             at that time
5. (other uses) the English equivalent will vary
            dare in dono                                                    to give as a gift
            una statua in bronzo                                        a bronze statue
            Eravamo in pochi                                            there were only a few of us
            in undici per parte                                           with eleven on a side

incọntro a = against, toward, towards
1 (direction) to, toward, towards
            incọntro all'estate                                            towards summer
            andare incọntro agli ospiti                               to meet one's guests
            venire incọntro a                                             to meet
            fare incọntro                                                    to come towards
            correre incọntro                                               to run up to
2 (against) against
            incọntro al nemịco                                           against the enemy.

intọrno a = about, around, round
1 (location) around
            viaggiare intọrno al mọndo                             to travel round the world
            La luna gira intọrno alla terra                          The moon turns around the earth
            intọrno alla cọlla                                              around the neck
            tutt'intọrno a noi                                             all round us
2 (time) about; around
            intọrno al 1920                                                around 1920
            intọrno alle sei                                                 at about six o'clock
3 (reference to) about
            intọrno alla legge                                             about the law
            lavorare intọrno a                                            to work on

lungi da = far from:
            non lungi da qui                                              not far from here
            lungi dalla verità                                             far from the truth
            lungi dal credere                                             far from believing
            lungi dal pensare                                             for from thinking
            lungi da me                                                     far be it from me

nonostante = despite, in spite of, notwithstanding:
            nonostante la situaziọne                                  despite the situation
            nonostante tutto                                              in spite of everything
            Partirono nonostante il tempo                         They left despite the weather
            nonostante ciò                                                 even so; and yet; still; all the same; anyway

ọltre = after, beyond, on the other side of, over, past:
            Il lago è ọltre quelle colline                             The lake is beyond those hills
            La Francia è ọltre gli Alpi                               France lies on the other side of the Alps
            Saltai ọltre il muro                                           I jumped over the wall
            Ọltre quel punto non ci sono più strade          There are no roads beyond that point
            andare ọltre le proprie intenziọni                    to overshoot the mark
2 (excess) more than, over, above
            Costa ọltre un miliọne di lire                           It costs over, more than a million dollars
            distare ọltre ~                                                  to be more than ~ away
            Lo conosco da ọltre dieci anni                        I've known him for over two years
            gente di ọltre ventuno anni                             people over twentyone
3 (time) after; later than
            Non stare fuori ọltre le dieci                           Don't stay out after or later than ten
4 (in addition) besides, in addition to, as well as, apart from:
            C'erano molte altre persone ọltre a lui There were many others besides him
            Ọltre a quello che ti dissi                                In addition to what I told you
            ọltre tutto                                                        apart from everything else

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